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Social Media Management & Digital Marketing

Your Business Needs a ROBUST Social Media / Digital Marketing Management Expert.


Because YOUR customers and COMPETITORS are using social media.


To be successful in any business niche or social community, you'll need industry-leading content and a strong social media presence. We specialize in social media management, digital marketing and community influence, built on a foundation of authority content.

Page Creation - $99

Does your business have a a social media page? Do you currently do social media marketing?

No worries, we can help you create that on several platforms, while keeping your brand consistent with your vision.

We understand that social media growth requires time and effort, not to mention ongoing execution, monitoring, and strategic adjustment.

Our social media management team does all that for you.

Content Creation - $199 and up

The best way for your business to stand out from the online clutter is to be recognized as a leader.

That means feeding online visitors a steady diet of valuable content though creative social media marketing.

Once you're more widely recognized as a source of value, you'll be seen as an authority.

We can help.

Good social media management lets our clients become influential in social media communities.

When your content is good enough to engage, inform and entertain visitors, they'll always choose your products and services.

Social Lead Generation - $299 and up

Our consulting team will design and execute social media marketing campaigns to help your business effectively promote its brand across social media channels in less time.

It may sound cliche, but time is money and money is time.

We get it.

We let business owners focus on what they do best, providing quality goods or services! We handle the social media management.

Be great. and we just tell your target market all about it...

Detailed Website Analysis - $99

We will provide:

A stunningly detailed report which is essentially a website ‘health check’.

You will see EXACTLY why you need our consulting services.

You will even be provided with an overall grade...and lets face it don't want your site performing at anything less than an A!

Our analysis includes:

Site Speed

Meta Tags

Alt Tags

Keyword Density

Mobile Friendliness

And everything in between.

We will even even include a helpful ‘Knowledge Guide’ for each section to explain the tech speak....

Traffic Getting Video - $29 & up

Did you know people spend over 40 minutes on average watching online video EVERY SINGLE DAY…

And that number is growing each and every month!

You see, good marketing is and has always been about capturing and holding onto people’s ATTENTION!

And nothing does that better than VIDEO…

Look, there’s just no two ways about it. If you want to be successful in today’s competitive online markets, you MUST USE video as a major component of your social media marketing.

Click here to create your own video.

Email Marketing Campaigns - $229 and up

Our consulting team can create and manage successful high converting email campaigns.

A successful email marketing campaign will get your prospects to take action, engage with your business, and help you to get more leads and closed sales.

One of the big advantages of email marketing is that people still use email widely. Actually, studies show that 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers still use email regularly.

This makes email marketing, couple with an effective social media marketing campaign are the perfect tools for building customer relationships to help you generate leads and sales.Email Marketing Campaigns

$229 and up

Community Influence on Social Media


Our consulting team works hard to make sure that you are the go-to authority source in your niche.

We write blog articles, whitepapers press releases. We also post, comment and tweet for Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Our social media management strategies includes, regular blog articles with content that grips readers and makes them want more, and by establishing close bonds with social media followers, you'll quickly become a trusted influencer in your chosen communities.

Website Optimization & SEO Per project

Whether your business is big or small, local or global, in order to be successful, you need to rise to the top of the search engine rankings.

Our SEO strategies convince Google and other search engines to reward our clients' optimized web sites.

We guarantee that your SEO score will improve which almost always results in increased rankings and traffic.

As a leading local digital marketing consulting agency, we use the power of website search engine optimization (SEO) to help buyers find you quickly.

Customized Messenger Chat Bot Per Project

Why do you need this? Here are the facts:

50-80% open rate

20% click through rate especially when using chat blasting

3-5x higher conversion rate than Facebook desktop ads

Costs 30-50x less than Facebook ad campaigns (when using Facebook Send-to-Messenger Ads)

We use our own proprietary social media marketing tools and customized messenger bots to find and drive new customers to your website through Facebook, Google and other platforms.

Are you ready? Sure you are!

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